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Dress Code

All dancers should be covered up when entering/leaving the studio. Please do not wear dance shoes outside the studios. 

No jewelry. Small stud earrings allowed. No necklaces, bracelets or rings.

Ballet - Tight-fitting warm-ups may be worn in colder weather. 


  • any color leotard that is ballet appropriate (midriff covered, back no lower than tights' waistband)

  • pink or flesh-toned tights (matching skin color)

  • pink or flesh-toned ballet slippers (to match tights)

  • no undergarments showing

  • hair pulled into ballet bun, if too short, pulled off face


  • solid color (preferably white) T-shirt tucked in

  • black tights

  • white socks with white ballet slippers or

  • black ballet slippers over black tights

  • hair out of eyes, or if long, ponytail or bun


  • fitted dance clothes (leotard and tights okay)

  • bare feet or socks preferred


  • fitted dance top and shorts/pants

  • soft jazz shoes

Hip Hop

  • T-shirts, shorts/sweats may be worn

  • socks and white soled sneakers that are used only for class (no street shoes allowed in the dance studio)


  • fitted dancewear

  • bare feet


  • tap shoes (no tap shoes on the Marley)

Click the link below for our recommendations on tights, shoes, and accessories. Your purchases will help us pay for supplies needed throughout the year.

Click below to download our Handbook.

Photos & Video

Please do not reproduce photos or videos on this website without written permission from the owner. 


Please make sure your child gets in the door before leaving. We will make sure they get to the car afterwards. Make sure your dancer is covered up entering and leaving. Not only is it improper to be outside in dance clothes, but it is bad for the muscles to run from a warm studio to cooler outside air. Even in hot weather, most likely, your child will get into an air-conditioned car. Please help us teach your dancer how to take care of themselves.

Please send your dancer to class with a water bottle, and in hot weather, a cooling towel.

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