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Adult Dance Intensive Weekend!

This is your weekend. Whether you're already a dancer, want to be a dancer, or just want to find out what dance is all about, come join us!

July 8 & 9 we will have 6 hour-long classes just for you. We'll start with Character on Saturday at 1:30. Think the European folk dances you see in Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty. 

Next a Jazz class, then to finish off, a sit down class to talk about injuries and how to prevent them. Bring your questions! What hurts? What can you do about it? How do you maintain your best dance body. 

On Sunday, we'll start with Hip Hop at 11. Then a Breath Workshop - learn how and when to breathe to get the most out of any dance class or workout. Finally, a Contemporary Class. Learn how to improv movement and find your flow.

Click on the photos below to learn more about the instructors. 

IMG_7676 (1).HEIC

Ari Pulido


l (1).jpg

Katie Kilbourn


Close Up (1).jpeg

Erika Ripley

Progressing Ballet Technique


Marco Ruivivar

Hip Hop


Leah Bueno

Injury Prevention


Tori Lee





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